we can say for our customers that we host beauty
and fantasy in very neat products and gifts, which
can convey you message to whom you want and love.
You can not find and obstacles to get the most
fontastic and beautiful souvenirs through unigue
miscellany in good products and work team will
not hesitate to provie you with services and
distinguished consultations. the showroom holds
the following:
*   Different accessories and bags which are ornated
with Austrian crystal pieces.
*   Lighting (floor lamps , chandeliers, and table
*   Modern ceramic and pottery vases.
*   Surreal and landscape painting plus home
*   Ornaments, ferofogea steel and brass
*   world brand perfumes and pure silver
*   A section designated for children (sets of
billboards, shelves, cupboards).


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Based  on our  permanent commitment with qualiy
And distinguished  aesthetic aspect , we were able
to be exclusive agents for crystal  Asfour  
company inYemen, which  is one of the  most   
leading   worldwide Companies in  crystal industry
Here , you can get what you want in biggest
Crysal and gifts fairs in Yemen , we proudly assure
you  that  your  quest for the best chandelier  and
and - table  lamps winds up in our fairs.


      24 - 7 service.
      Free-of-charge assembling and delivery.
      Two-years, free-of-charge maintenance.
      One-year, free-of-charge, quarterly cleaning.
      Replacing the chandeliers, one year after the
      sale, based on previously-agreed terms.
      Two-years, free-of-charge assembling and
      aismantling some other parts.
      Supplying the customer with their needs of
      different sizes and shapes.


   First class choice (worldwide)30%lead,with high
      quality crystal pieces.
      Pure brass frames.
      Stunning multi - shaped ornaments and models.
      24 cart,gold coated frames.
      Two and three - dimensional laser shields,
      ornaments and crystal.
      All  kinds of ladies accessories.
      A 20-years warranty for crystal.
      Lighting spots with class crystal pieces.
      Multi - colored - shaped crystal beads.

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